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A video installation, consisting of two hanging monitors and a video projection. The video material consists of short pieces of film, depicting “non-events” in a way which gives the impression things are being manipulated, but is in fact nothing but the plain and splendid reality, manifesting itself everywhere around us. In my search for these images I tried to be as open as possible for the “coincidences” that happen in the world around us. By bringing these images together in an installation, a new environment has come into being in which the collected elements (consisting of the video material, the devices by which they are shown and the space itself) can trigger similar “coincidences”. Because images are being projected over each other, reflect one another, have visitors cast their shadows on top of them and fit now and then as far as timing goes amazingly well without having been planned this way, a situation arises in front of the viewers eyes which is similar to the circumstances I was in while seeing and filming these images.)
2003, Here we are, Amsterdam (NL)