On a false wall a seemingly abstract image is projected, two lines devide three colour fields. In the big grey field movement is visible, shadows have disappeared already before they become clearly visible. Suddenly a clothesline comes into being, the laundry moves, dances, disappears, reappears, moves, disappears. Nothing really happens. Somewhere the sun is shining and laundry flies in the wind. Just outside the image. But the image hypnotizes, the eyes are challenged, the shadows seem to creep out of the floor and dissolve again, the two-dimensional space becomes three-dimensional and turns back into a flat surface. An everyday image is taken out of its everyday context and suddenly becomes a miraculously beautiful and exciting image, thereby testing the way we look at things.
2006, New Riddles & Constellations 3 - Retort Projectspace, Amsterdam (NL)
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